• Some time ago I swallowed urgency whole. It planted a seed of haste inside of me that even on my slowest days created a current of anxiety. I believed it was what propelled me forward. It felt fast and productive and the abnormal became normal and during this flip book version of my life I stopped noticing. Ten full months on the road and this month is the first time I've paused and found myself in solitude. There aren't adventures and strangers and all the time gas pedals to get me somewhere new and surprising. There is just space and time to notice what I notice. 📸: the beauty @oakleyboycott #connectioncure
  • Crossing the street doesn’t usually feel like a serendipitous experience for me, but a few days ago as I was walking in Santa Monica this man and his pup walked right up to me and handed me a flower. Before he even said hello he proclaimed, “she who kisses joy as it flies has eternities of sunrises. I want you to know that everything in your life is right on schedule.” It was of course, exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the most perfect time. 
Sometimes our reminders are so subtle it feels almost impossible to hear them. Sometimes it feels like we need to dig for them deep within the depths of our being. And other times, the reminders aren’t so subtle at all. In fact, they’re walking right beside us on Ashland Avenue and two days later maybe they’ll even end up sharing a glass of wine with you and if you’re lucky their nickname will be the Frogman. #connectioncure
  • It’s life’s simple pleasures, you know? Back to road life and exploration and mini horse bums and unknown adventures and daily surprises and micro moments and farm animals. Next stop - California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Who wants to pet horse bums with me? 🍑 📸 @home.sweet.idahome #connectioncure
  • There is no better expression than this one to describe my last three weeks in Miami. Absolute joy. Belly hurting laughter. Workshopping of workshops. Unbelievable support. Deepened friendships. Pirates and boaters and a diverse community of liveaboards who constantly have each other’s back - no matter what. There is a problem with the Connection Cure, and that is, I always want to return to the communities that move me. So instead of figuring out how to solve this problem, I’ve surrendered to it. I’ve decided to slow down, to return to the places that inspire me, to keep these relationships flourishing, and to embrace every freaking moment of it. Until next time Miami. I heart you. #connectioncure #connectioncureflorida•
📸: @passionlives
  • It’s often so easy to forget about the simplicities of life for me. The moments where I sit without distraction and just connect to me. The last three weeks living on a sailboat have forced me to return to a quieter place within myself, appreciating life without much technology distraction, and questioning why most times, I make things so hard and difficult. Being on this little boat reminds me that life and thoughts and connections and joy can be simple if I let it. I have no idea what’s next - where or how or when - but right now I’m cool with just being. It’s a new thing I’m trying on and I can breathe a lot better this way. Also, the sunrise helps too. #connectioncure #connectioncureflorida #nomad
  • @holaveromarquez and I met over ten years ago in a writer's workshop in a tiny NYC studio. We arrived as strangers, spending one evening a week around a small wooden table reading and writing stories from our lives. Led by a red haired, leopard legging-ed, red lipsticked writer, we, over the span of a few months, began to listen to the moments that mattered to us. Since that time, Vero and I have woven in and out of each others lives, connecting and reconnecting as the years went by. No matter how long it had been since we'd spoken, there was always an intimate knowing of one another, having been linked through the stories of our past. Last week Vero and her family opened their home to me in Miami and to my surprise, during our last dinner together, she pulled out a folder with some of my printed stories from 2009. Ten years later we sat around a wooden table re-reading these stories with quiet reflection on how we've changed. Sharing and receiving stories seems so obvious that sometimes I forget that there is always more to hear. This is what human brains are designed to do - connect, mirror, listen, feel - but how often do we (do I) forgot to ask someone to “tell me more.” Veronica was my quiet reminder to never stop being curious about the people in our lives and the power and connection that comes through sharing the moments that make us. #connectioncure #connectioncureflorida
  • One year ago today I was eating peanut butter and apple sandwiches with Mermaid Vicki, a stranger whom I drove 7 hours to meet at a roadside attraction in Weeki Wachee, Florida. After spending four hours with her, Mermaid Vicki invited me into her home for the night and I spent the next two days listening to her stories of the unity and mutual care in the mermaid community. I interviewed her for hours as her stories of magic and connection poured out of her. Since that time, I have traveled across the U.S, meeting powerful and fascinating women who have opened up and offered me a window into their worlds. I have heard stories of loss and pain, power and self connection, and the magic that happens when women champion one another without competition. In reflection, I can say with great certainty that listening to these stories has forever shifted me, and increased my desire to keep listening and sharing these stories as I continue on. Today, I honor mermaid Vicki who said, "Well, I’ll tell you one thing, there’s not another creature on earth like a woman. We create, we envision, we master, and we have a fierce resilience. Women are magic." #connectioncure #connectioncureflorida
  • because connection is everything ⚡️💜 — @lisadaron you are a gem in this world and the connection cure is an incredible project that is literally healing communities globally. grateful for my team who came out this morning and were truly seen. #connectioncure #joblove #thesweatlifemia
huge thank you to @tanitainmia and @circa39miami for hosting us and really putting the cherry on top of this experience 🌴 // and the OG connection and thank you goes to @k_stern1214 for opening up the opportunity. love to you beauty 💕
  • This photo was taken today after an early morning workshop with the heartfelt staff of lululemon Miami Beach. They showed up and shared pieces of themselves and their stories that moved one another to tears. They talked about the ripple effect of connection and engagement, they shared incredibly vulnerable moments, offered stories and experiences, and shared in their joy and gratitude. 
It’s moments like this, with people like these, that always outweigh the tough and lonely times on the road. It’s experiences like these that remind me that the moments that make me feel connected and alive outweigh the moments that make me feel the opposite. Connection and engagement creates a ripple effect. That’s why we engage in conversation around it. Because when we talk about our potential to shift our bodies’ biochemistry, just through connection, maybe it will make us more apt to talk to strangers, to listen to someone’s story, to go deeper with someone already nearby. What I love about working with lululemon is the potential they have to engage in micro-moments with every single person who walks through their door. This team talked about their immediate impact, and the science was just an additional backdrop to expanding the definition of wellness and looking at how that term can be accessible to all. #connectioncure #connectioncureflorida
  • Six months on the road, never fully unpacking my suitcase once, staying in over thirty one different homes, hosting over twenty nine workshops, from mountains to lakes to oceans to deserts, going to dairy farms, fire stations, churches, haunted old hospitals, drive-ins, state fairs, potato museums, yurt parks, and national parks, with strangers and with friends, riding on scooters and flying in two seater airplanes, sharing coffee and pie, elk and huckleberries, yuca pancakes and wine, venison tacos and beer, in kitchens across the country, and ready for another six months!! Onward 🚗💨#connectioncure #nomad 📸@home.sweet.idahome

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Social Psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson, defines micro-moments as, “a genuine positive exchange, not just with friends or loved ones, but with strangers.”

We all have a story about a moment when we connected unexpectedly with someone; a time when we were moved by a stranger, someone different than us, someone just like us. We now know that these moments have the potential to heal our bodies, but what becomes possible when we start sharing our stories?

The connection cure is asking YOU to share your micro-moments.

Can we be a catalyst for engagement and start a ripple effect of connectedness, state-by-state, by creating a space for you to share YOUR surprising interactions, meaningful conversations, and moments of connection? We hope that sharing these stories will inspire others to do the same– to reach out, engage in conversations with strangers, and be open to the element of surprise.

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