A Cross-Country Journey of Healing Through Connection

An experiment in moments

In today’s society, so many of us feel isolated.

We pass by one another on the sidewalk; stand behind one another in the grocery store; sit next to one another on the train– yet we feel separate. We feel detached. We feel lonely.

This disconnect is making us sick, literally—over 60 million Americans feel so isolated that their health is damaged in ways that mirror the effects of high blood pressure, smoking and obesity.

Our bodies crave connection,

so why is it that people are becoming increasingly more lonely?

Why is it that we are often praised for independence, instead of being acknowledged for reaching out and connecting.

Just as we need food and water for survival, humans need connection to maintain health and longevity. Our evolutionary past proves that our survival is dependent on our collectivity.

Today, we no longer live as our ancestors did, but our brains and bodies still remain wired to connect. We need one another to thrive, for our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. A sense of belonging is deeply rooted within us, enabling us to feel truly alive and connected to our ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Being part of keeps us well.

We invite you to put down the phone, turn off the devices, and step back into humanity – alive, awake, and connected.

Welcome to the home of The Connection Cure, a cross-country human engagement project that explores face-to-face connection as a catalyst for healing and wellness.

Our nationwide workshops and connection conversations ignite the spirit, create conversation about our bodies, and aim to de-stigmatize loneliness in our increasingly disconnected society.

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The Connection Tour

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  • I've been sooo humbled by this journey with this man. Through each other we've made contact with our scared inner child and started to give them so much love and reassurance. My concept of love has been shattered and expanded. We've truly been a catalyst for each other first in reaching higher and higher, now in going deeper and deeper. And most recently, a complete death and rebirth of ourselves, and the relationship. I don't know what tomorrow brings, I just know no-ones ever been able to journey this deep with me. In astrology our hearts and dharmas are intertwined and, apparently we carry the same core wound & vocation according to Gene Keys. The core wound of suppressing your feelings with the gift of clarity and intuition once we soften and open up. We're both experiencing our emotional awakening at the moment and oh my it's so much more enlivening than a spiritual awakening 😳. I thought transcendence was the answer to my suffering and struggles, turns out it's radical intimacy with my feelings. I feel at home with myself for the first time in this lifetime, and I couldn't have done it without you boo. .

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  • Today is my 111th day on the road. That means, 111 days without a “home,” 111 days of sleeping in different places, sometimes with friends, other times with total and complete strangers. It’s been 111 days of absolute and complete awe, wonder, and magic, and 111 days of total and utter doubt, fear, and well, no idea what the f*^% I’m actually doing. It’s been 111 days of a pendulum rapidly swaying between my most inspirational encounters, meeting people who are shifting my perspectives, and 111 days of feeling utterly lonely and in this whole thing, well, alone. It’s been 111 days of random doctors and chiropractors, and 111 days of challenging everything I’ve believed, and everything I’ve not believed about my body. It’s been 111 days of people championing me and 111 days of people telling me what I’m doing wrong and how I should be better. 
111 is my lucky number. There’s no rhyme or reason for it really, but it shows up for me when I need to be reminded to take stock. So today is my 111th day on the road and after a morning of incredible body pain and some solid mind trashing, I forced myself out of the door to honor the small things. Sharing lunch with a new friend who doesn’t judge me for feeling “out of it.” Coming home to a house that’s not mine, but feels as welcoming as any home I’ve ever known. It’s not magic, but the awareness of those everyday things in each place I go, helps.
As I take stock of the last few months, I can’t quite believe I’m still out here. I can’t quite believe that after 111 days, having not unpacked my bags, having spent the night in over 42 homes, I’m still trying. I can’t quite believe my body hasn’t broken, or cracked, or forced me to quit. 
But, I’m not special. Living on the road doesn’t mean I deserve some sort of medal. We all deal with hard shit every single day whether we’re moving around or in one place— we have that damn pendulum moving from joy to wtf am I doing, often. We’re doing the best we can. I guess I’m just choosing to say it out loud on my 111 day road birthday:
Today, I don’t know wtf I’m doing, but I sure have seen some beautiful places. 
Ok. I feel better now.
  • The further away I find myself out into the unknown with little to no idea of what the future holds, the more I find myself pushed into presence. The vastness of what's next feels so grand for me that for the first time in many years, my focus falls on today, tomorrow, next week, and next month, at most.
Right now, this project is in a constant state of surrender, saying yes to what shows up, when it shows up. In the process, I've begun to feel a freedom from something that's plagued me for most of my life - the struggle for acceptance, the fear of judgement, the desire to "fit in," and the anxiety of other people's opinions. I've spent many years making other people's opinions my truth, sometimes honoring their perspectives of me more than my own. This struggle hasn't vanished, but I can feel it dissipating. The more I'm pushed into presence, the more I honor my own reality. And the more I'm ok with the unknown the easier it becomes to be free-spirited without worrying about what people think. I'm seeing pieces of my old self re-surface, pieces that I’ve shoved under the rug many years ago. Being back in Colorado has reminded me of so many of my lost parts. #connectioncure #nomad
  • This is Roger. We met somewhere between North Dakota and Montana sitting at the counter of a small Cafe over eggs and orange juice. The minute I sat down, out of the corner of my eye, I could see him glancing over at me with a confused look. I glanced back, my mind flooded with judgments about who he was as well. On this particular day I was exhausted from a long drive and tried to avoid eye contact and confrontation, but before my coffee came he swiveled towards me and said, "you're not from around these parts are you?" I sort of laughed and shook my head no, I'm from NYC. His eyes became wide and I braced myself for the unknown until he put his hand out and said, "I'm Roger." Within seconds he began sharing stories with me from his past, stories about his wife of over sixty years, how they met, what he loved about her, and how it had now been two years since her passing. Then he began talking to me about his loneliness. He shared with me how he isolated himself after she died, how he didn't know how to live without her, how he stopped wanting to talk to people altogether. "I've had to learn how to talk to strangers again," he told me. "I come to this cafe everyday so I can share stories with people. It helps with the loneliness.” The waitress chimed in with, ‘don't let him talk your ear off!’ I looked at Roger in disbelief and told him that I was sitting in this cafe because I've been lonely too, that I was on the road trying to heal myself through connection, that I've been learning about how genuine conversation has been scientifically proven to increase our longevity and strengthen our immune systems. And with a huge smile across his face, Roger looked at me and said, "well, if that's the case, I'm gonna live forever." -
This year, I'm grateful for strangers. For people who give me an invitation to know them, who challenge me to find similarities in places that surprise me, like tiny cafes in rural North Dakota, and ninety-year-old ranchers named Roger. #connectioncure
  • Traveling across the country, meeting and staying with strangers has started to create for me an invisible thread of stories that seem to connect us. Some of the people I meet and share with are short moments in that thread and others feel like fated and magic meetings––people who in an instant feel like a lifetime of friendship and a future of continued learning, collaborating, and reciprocal love. Willa Wallace is one of those people. We met accidentally in a moment of changed plans and confusion on the Umatilla Reservation outside of Pendelton, Oregon. Since that one meeting I've been back to visit her multiple times, each of those building on the other, conversations that have moved us both to tears, stories about illness and anger, and so much learning and listening about the things I don't know. We've spoken about secrets and our experiences with what's unsaid–how those untold stories can create illness, isolation, and disconnection. I've listened to stories about ignorance, history, perspective, and historical trauma. We've spoken about power and culture, women rising, and strength. She's challenged me to think, learn, and do inner work around my white privilege. My time with Willa has been an important reminder that there is no connection without active listening. My gratitude for you @stillafightr is immense. Your strength and determination to share your stories of transformation, your true hearted activism, and your love for humanity is contagious. Can’t wait for more, with you, on the road, and beyond. #connectioncure #connectioncureoregon
  • Day 84 on the road. The amount of time in which it takes for a group of strangers to genuinely connect seems to lessen with every workshop, chance encounter, micro or macro moment of connection. A group of strangers walked into this room and something deeply shifted within us all. Given the chance to talk about loneliness and disconnect, community and connection, created such a profound sense of belonging. The science might be the proof, but the moments are where the meaning, empathy, and courage live. It might sound cheesy or trite to say, but what happened tonight felt like magic. #connectioncure #connectioncurewashington
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  • In the past week I've driven a total of 1,048 miles. During that time I've hosted 6 workshops and been through 4 states. I've been confronted by people with different beliefs, I've had to face my own judgements, and I've had to make very hard choices about what and how I choose to stand for what I believe in. Connecting doesn't always feel good. Connecting doesn't always mean we get along, or our hearts and beliefs are aligned. Sometimes it means the opposite and we still choose to stand face to face and listen. These are the hardest days for me. 
Some truths about being on the road:
It's hard. At least once a day I think about giving up and going home. Then I remember I gave up a place of my own for a car of my own. 
It can be lonely. This one I'm still processing as most of my days are filled with connection, but the difficult and depleting weeks make me call in loneliness and forget to ask for support. It's draining and confusing and I don't yet know how to make sense of it all because things and time are moving fast. 
Each day there is a lingering feeling of where and how the next workshop or state will manifest and so I lose sleep. Most days, I wonder if these workshops, these listening circles, these moments of connecting to strangers are even making any difference at all. There is a lot of time for the inner critic to speak up. I often worry about what other people think of me and what I’m doing. Sometimes that worry can be debilitating and I have to constantly find my way back to my big why; I chose this lifestyle because I needed it. Even in my most difficult moments I've managed to find a glimmer of hope, a moment of reflection, a space to cry or scream, and that in itself, has allowed me to keep on. Some truths about the road: stopping is not an option, but pausing is essential. #connectioncure
  • Day 76 on the road I faced one of my biggest fears. Most people that know me also know about my crippling fear of flying. Before I fly I normally check the weather in every state the plane will fly over. From the second I walk onto the plane to the moment we land, my body is in total fear. Two days ago I got into a teeny tiny two seater and flew over Sandpoint, Idaho. My body was shaking the entire time, but I still managed to look out of the window in awe. It’s no surprise that this flight was also a metaphor for my life right now. I don’t quite know how to put this journey into words, but it kind of feels like shaking in the front seat of a tiny 1976 two seater plane. I’m terrified some days and somehow amidst the fear, I still experience awe and wonder. Right now, I’m writing this from a small town in Montana. I feel like a fish out of water, but I’m still here, shaking in the front seat, having conversations. It’s hard (to say the least), but to my surprise, I have found glimmers of hope in micro-moments and I’ve seen perspectives shift (including my own). I’m still afraid of flying, but I’d choose the air (almost) every time if it meant more moments of curiosity, more feelings of awe and wonder, and more possibilities for surprise. #connectioncure
  • Two weeks ago I hosted a workshop with @lisadaron all about human connection. She is the founder of Connection Cure and is traveling the US talking about the importance of connection and how it can help in an increasingly lonely society. I encourage you to check her out! And I challenge you to make an authentic connection with a stranger today, or this weekend and see how it feels. Trust me, it’s awesome! Happy Friday! ❤️ #connectioncure #connect #putyourselfoutthere #putyourphonedown #smile #sayhi #fridayvibes #bepresent #purplelotuscoaching #purplelotuspdx #pdx
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Hailee Danielle: Bending with this amazing lady. So inspired by her drive - her work ethic is insane!! And her heart is even more impressive, so dedicated to creating connection in Bozeman with her @edgewellnessweek event! Having such a beautiful time thanks to this beautiful soul @nicolewildcollective . When I start to lose faith in instagram, it’s connections like this that remind me what’s possible through social media! We get to meet people across the world we might’ve never made contact with and create authentic friendships. Pretty rad
What if every person you meet is an opportunity for healing?
 @lisadaron .
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  • When two epic community and connection nerds meet for the first time it’s magical! Our “coffee and coworking” turned into 4 hours of deep soul nurturing connection. We laughed, we cried, we oohed and ahhed and did impressions of our mutual friends and showed each other photos and videos and talked about deep fears and inner secrets and our most mystical life experiences and fell madly in friend love. If you want the most amazing stories of adventure, courage, and connection, follow @lisadaron on her Connection Cure world tour! Working on bringing her to Seattle, so let me know if you want in on that and big thanks to the multiple folks who told us we just HAD to meet. You were right and we are grateful! #connectioncure #communityFTW #lisaisthebest
  • Looking forward to tonight’s Connection Cure workshop with @lisadaron! We will be learning about the healing benefits of face-to-face engagement and reclaiming conversation. Thanks to @pdx_sf_kelly for organizing this special night.
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