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The Loneliness Experiment 9.11.18

Physique 57, Los Angeles October, 2017 One of my favorite things to do in my Brooklyn neighborhood is to stroll the streets, sit in coffee shops, and people watch. During the height of my loneliness my favorite thing to imagine was that every human bei … read more

On the Road – Episode 1 9.11.18

  The Connection Cure talks about loneliness on the road read more

Connection to the Earth 9.11.18

Wind River Range, Wyoming July 2017 When I accelerate I do it slowly, my foot inching its way further down onto the peddle, increasing my speed slowly enough so I can enjoy the sensation of being in control, so I can feel each moment of moving forward. … read more

Cookeville, Tennessee 9.11.18

Before the Connection Cure came to fruition the idea was birthed while coaching a group of women in Cookeville, TN in February, 2017. read more

Hello world! 7.18.18

Hello, I’m Lisa, and I’m lonely. While I’m no longer afraid to admit this anymore, it’s taken me almost my entire life to do so out loud. For as long as I can remember I’ve lived in extreme opposites—either incredibly social and engaged in connection, … read more

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